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Hi, I'm Anouk Vos. A new media enthusiast and social media buff. If you're looking for the A in creativity: Anouk it is.

Anouk Vos's Bio:

Anouk Vos is Digital Coordinator for the NPO. She's in charge of the online marketing strategy and its implementation. Anouk is exerienced with online marketing and content marketing, and has strong knowlegde of on- and offline campaign implementation.   Anouk is a new media enthusiast, an amateur social media guru. Organizer. Writer. Creator. Pop Culture buff and Marathon runner.

Anouk Vos's Experience:

Anouk Vos's Education:

Anouk Vos's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Blogging, Communication, PR, Pop Culture, Running, Sports, Arts, New Media. Photoshop, HTML, CMS, SEO, SEA, content marketing, online (performance based/affiliate) marketing, media planning and acquisition, content production (writing, editing, publicing, incl. visuals), email marketing, Google Analytics, project and product management, branded content. Specialized in marketing and new media. Fluent in written and spoken English, Dutch (native language) and German (proficient). Experienced in working abroad (Sydney, Australia). Quick in mastering new concepts, knows how to handle pressure, and how to communicate ideas effectively in several languages. Creative and immune to stress. Has strong organizational skills, leading qualities and capacities. Strong, authentic and reliable person. Great teamplayer. Above-average interest in gadgets and online trends. Sports: fieldhockey (hoofdklassse) and running. Berlin Marathon finisher 2011, NYC Marathon finisher 2014.

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